Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Submit a Chickhawk!

Know of a chickhawk that you'd like to highlight? Submit that chickenhawk for their award here!

Wanna help?

Hi, I just started The Daily Chickenhawk on a whim. I'm hoping to high-light a chickenhawk on a daily basis -- whether it's a national story or a local idiot, I'll be happy to post the hypocrit!

Obviously, this thing just started so there's not much here. But if you'd like to help, please leave me a comment. To be frank, I am SWAMPED between Texas KOS and work & personal life, that I'll need the help!

We've got a lot of chickhawks out there & alot of server space to expose them!

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Chickenhawk Wall Of Shame

Hey Chickenhawks!

You know who you are! You go around spewing your support for the war -- but do aaaaaalll you can to avoid it!

Well, if you believe in War so damn much, why don't you serve?!?!